who are we?

We are Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe! We're a neighborhood candy store with all of the attention to detail that description might conjure up - but all of the product offerings you might associate with a longstanding national chain.  Founded in 2018, Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe is owned and operated by Michael and Emily Roiff, Emily’s brother Alan and, of course, little 4-year old Tuesday - the Roiff’s daughter and the store’s namesake.


What is a Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe?

A Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe is your one-stop solution for all of your candy wishes and desires.  With over 200 different types of bulk candy including countless gummies, sours, chocolates, and salt water taffy, 15+ flavors of stick candy, over 60 different kinds of chocolate bars, and cotton candy by the bucket-full — Tuesday’s boasts more different types of candy per square foot than any other candy retailer in the Los Angeles area.